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My name is Christopher. I have created my little corner on the internet using Streams software where I plan to post almost all of my personal internet content. This is The Tales of My Life, a social media server that is deployed independently on my own equipment. This account will act as my blog, my social media, my shared photos, and my journal. Here is My Landing Page.

I have several reasons for creating my own space instead of relying on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I want my content to be owned by me and not limited to an algorithm. With that said, I don't always post publicly. That's the beauty of Streams, audience control. So, to see many of my life updates, you will likely have to create a compatible account. I believe in decentralized online diversity, meaning you can create an account on any of your preferred ActivityPub or Nomad based platforms to see my posts (sorry, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram don't believe in online diversity). You could also create an account here on The Tales of My Life and see my content, however, I'll have to approve your account.

So, what software is based on Nomad or Activitypub, you might be asking? Pretty much anything in the Fediverse. I'll name a few, but the list will go on and on. Streams, Mastodon, Hubzilla, Misskey, Firefish, Akkoma, Pleroma, Friendica, Glitch-soc, GoToSocial, Zap, and so many others.

But Streams doesn't have an app!?! Yes, that is true. But that's okay. Streams doesn't need the approval of Apple or Google to exist. You can simply go to this site with your mobile browser and install the webapp (sometimes called Add to Homescreen). We all can agree that social media notifications are problematic, so notifications are available once you visit your online account. If an app or notifications are essential, then try Mastodon, Pleroma, or Firefish, where mobile apps are available and you can still connect with me. (I'll help you thru the process if you are new to this).

*disclaimer: I did not create the Streams software. I've simply deployed it as it is intended. To find out more about the Streams code, please visit https://codeberg.org/streams/streams/